Below you will find information about the different lessons offered in the dance studio.

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Toddlerdance 2.5/3 year old

Toddler dance with 2.5 and 3 year olds is a fun way for children to develop themselves physically and musically. Because each lesson is given in a theme, such as holiday, fairy tales or jungle, the toddler's fantasy is stimulated and the children become aware of their own possibilities of movement.

The themes match the toddler's experience world, and attributes and musical instruments are also used.

Classical ballet children/youth

From the age of 6 children can follow Classical ballet classes. The ballet lessons are given according to the system of the Royal Academy of Dance. This system is used in more than 70 countries to train students in ballet.

In the lessons we pay attention to the techniques, all aspects of a ballet lesson are discussed.

In addition, there is the opportunity to work for an exam and thus obtain a diploma (and medal) from the Royal Academy of Dance.

Toddlerdance 4/5 year old

With toddler dance with 4 and 5 year olds , you are not yet talking about real ballet and / or dance technique, but about preparation for learning techniques later on.

In the form of a theme, much attention is paid to physical development, rhythm and musicality, and the children's empathy is increased. Dance feeling, body awareness and space use are stimulated. This is a good basis for dance and ballet.

Jazz children/youth

Jazz is a dancestyle that is  afree way of dancing that resembles classical ballet, but is based on popular music like top 40, jazz, rock, pop music and soul / R & B. The movements are sometimes smooth and sometimes sharp, creating dynamism. The lesson consists of several exercises to improve dance technique and always ends with a dance combination.

Classical ballet adults

Classical ballet is an elegant dance style. Anyone, young or old, regardless of his or hers physical ability or age, can learn this dance style. Ballet teaches a feeling for good body posture and shape. Ballet is a fun way to work on your posture and fitness. During the lessons, a lot of time is spent on dance experience and technique. In a disciplined but fun way, we are working hard on various techniques, strength and agility.

Dance work-out

Dance workout is a dynamic lesson, focusing on fitness and muscle training. Train your body in a fun and swinging way. Because of the many movements, this lesson is ideal for improving and decreasing your fitness. Every dance class is designed to have fun. You won't even think you're training!

Jazz adults

The core features of jazz dance are: body coordination, expressive movements and lyricism. The movements are sometimes smooth and sometimes sharp, creating a dynamic. It is danced on contemporary music and musical music. The lesson consists of different exercises to level up coordination, rhythm, leniency and fitness and is always concluded with a dance combination. 


Yoga means connecting. Bringing together the body and mind so it can grow to wholeness. It originated from Hinduism in India and has existed for thousands of years. Over time, many forms of yoga have evolved, including power yoga. Poweryoga is derived from Ashtanga yoga. Where Ashtanga yoga adheres to a fixed series, poweryoga is varied on these series. It is therefore a very varied and dynamic form of yoga

Yoga dance

In addition to power yoga we also offer yoga dance. In Yoga dance, the various yoga movements are stuck together and performed in smooth motion on music. The different attitudes of yoga are combined with steps and movements from the dance world. This form of yoga is also a very varied and dynamic form of yoga


Modern dance is an expressive dance form. All kinds of music can be used. The music determines what the dance looks like; slow without stopping or fast with many accents.

In the classes, you work on tension and relaxation, breathing, dynamics, use of space and more. In each class there is a part technique, performing choreographies and using your own creativity through improvisation. Of course, dance pleasure is a priority!

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